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The Ultimate Mom Nutrition Academy

Learn how to offer your child the best possible nutrition. This will allow them to reach their physical potential and mental potential. More importantly it will allow them to develop a healthy relationship with food and with their bodies.

Join our Mommy Nutrition Academy

What you'll get: 

  • Access to nutrition courses and guidelines for every child's age group. Pregnancy Course, Breastfeeding Course, Starting foods (6-12 months), Toddlers an older children.
  • Recipes and meal plans for every age.
  • Easy to follow guides for the busy parent.
  • Monthly Q/A session + discussion on group topic.
  • Membership community to ask questions.
  • Monthly bonus content: talk with an expert or new topic with Mirna.


What People Are Saying:

I cant tell you enough how beneficial the membership is, this is my first time I try paying online and engaging in such things. Thank you a million for my 6mo daughter is eating everything I offer "thanks God" this journey is different from the one I had with my 6 years old daughter she is a picky eater now and I know the reason was my lack of knowledge. That is why am really enjoying this for my both kids. Thank you and cant wait for more


My Théa is now 8 months old, i bought books for starting solids ( Annabel Karmel books, the BLW book and cookbook.. even bought some of the solidstarts guides..) i had the infos, but to be honest, i never thought its enough, i needed guidance to provide the best experience to my girl with the maximum nutritious foods that also match with our lebanese culture and food that i cook at home. ( the recipe guide for 6-12 and the recipe book are my bestfriends these days !! The oats meals the chia puddings the hummus and foul the stews.. Théa loved them!!)  I have watched the guide videos, i wished that i ve bought the course way before that reading that i did lol..  I joined the membership to be able to be up to date and benefit from all the knowledge you provide, because we are never full, we always need more and more.. for the parents that dont understand the object of this membership, they need to know that it s not only about courses, they can read and find them, its about having a healthy lifestyle discovering new infos, from a trusted source that is provided to us after research and experiences, in the most practical way.  The live sessions on zoom are the needed ones, cz every baby and family is unique, so you will always need an expert to guide you and reply to your questions.  I live far away from my family, the mom community, is one of the bests, when we have same concerns, we benefit from others, and we know that we are not alone!  All of that is found in one place! Isn't that amazing !!! Well for me it is a 100% win!!  Vicky Dib - RN, BSN, MSN›

Vicky Dib

I want to thank you for the 6-12 months course. Everything is so clear, detailed, and so easy to understand. You can't imagine how in love I am with it! It is really so helpful and made my life so much easier. Especially the recipes and the meal calendar. I am using it just like you wrote it and it's going really great. I am so lucky I took this course and would highly recommend it to every mom who has to introduce solids to her baby!

Christelle Medawar

My first son was an extreme picky eater. I purchased Mirna's course for my second son and I was shocked to discover all the mistakes I did with my first. My second child is now a great eater. I have even learned things to change with my first son and now he eats everything. I highly recommend her courses.

Hiba Masri

I got Mirna's course when I was pregnant and I can say with 100% confidence that I would not have been able to successfully breastfeed without the information in this course. I have now been exclusively breastfeeding for 2 years!

Samia Chatila